We have built our reputation on our committed approach to providing our clients with renowned Vaser Hi Def and Vaser 4D body contouring surgery and skin surgical interventions to suit them. With the expert skills of renowned aesthetic physician Dr Vlok, investing in your own body with medical beauty treatments is simple.

Whether you are becoming conscious of the effects of ageing on your skin, feeling dejected about scars an old injury has left you with, or trying your utmost to get rid of pockets of unsightly fat after trying your best in the gym, Dr Jacobus A. Vlok in our state of the art clinic in Nottingham is well-placed to offer you the perfect cosmetic surgical and non surgical procedures to improve your body image.

Consultations offered by Dr Vlok are not focused on liposculpting only, but they are holistic in nature. The patient is assessed as a full picture, including health, physical options, expectations and what can be accomplished, realistically. Alternative available treatment techniques and modalities will be discussed in detail as appropriate to the individual.

Selecting the right cosmetic option is a big decision and choosing from the hundreds that operate within the UK can be daunting. We understand. Therefore we give you everything you could ever need about our doctors, so you can be confident in making an informed decision.

Dr. Vlok has successfully completed over 1,500 procedures on patients across the UK in 9 years.

Dr vlok portrait

Dr Vlok

MBChB MPraxMed DOH&M JCPTGP certified

Dr Jacobus A. Vlok has been trained in the latest Vaser body sculpting techniques at the renowned International Centre of Bodysculpting, Bogota, Columbia. Dr Vlok qualified at the UNIVERSITY OF PRETORIA initially with an MBChB (Baccalareus in Medicine and Surgery) followed by a Master’s degree in Family Medicine and subsequently the Diploma in Occupational Health and Medicine at the same University. He is registered as a specialist in family medicine with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (MP 0213624) and also as a General Practitioner in the United Kingdom since 2002. (GMC 6050945)

Dr Vlok is probably the busiest vaser practitioner in the UK offering all the available modalities of treatment associated with the specialty of liposuction. These include Vaser, Bodytite, Microlipo, Power X, Euromi and Vibramatic,(‘tickle lipo”) and traditional lipo. With insight and continuous use of the different technologies he can offer combination treatments where applicable, to the benefit of his patients.

If you think about the UK’s most popular cosmetic and aesthetic surgery providers, then Dr. Vlok is a regular surgeon for them. Working across the UK in their most prestigious clinics.

Areas of special interest to Dr Vlok are the chin and neck region, the ankles (‘cankles’) and importantly the male chest popularly called ‘moobs’ as recently taken up the Oxford Dictionary.

Aura Horta

Practice Manager

Aura has worked as a theatre nurse for the past 18 years in various clinics as well as in the Portland and Clementine Churchill hospitals and in the last 8 years as an Advanced Aesthetic Practitioner for non-invasive procedures and provided assistance with invasive procedures. She also undertook the role of Clinical trainer for aesthetic machinery with Wigmore Medical for several years and more recently has worked as a free agent rendering high-end aesthetic services to various prestigious clinics.

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