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Vaser Lipo Body Sculpting

We take immense pride in transforming the lives of our clients using vaser liposuction, vaser hi-def and vaser 4d body contouring. When you meet Dr. Vlok you understand the passion he has for what he does and how important it is to him that you are fully aware of what the expected results are likely to be. This dedication to honesty and expertise has made Dr. Vlok one of the top go-to vaser liposuction surgeons in the UK.

From natural ageing, stubborn deposits of fat through to scars and deformation, Dr. Vlok’s Vaser Lipo Centre is here to help. Our state of the art clinic based in the heart of Nottinghamshire is well placed to offer you the perfect cosmetic surgery procedure to improve your body image.

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The Problem with Traditional Liposuction

The Solution

Dr. Vlok knows, the art of a good vaser liposuction procedure is to know how much fat to leave behind. The vaser uses ultrasonic sound waves to loosen the body fat, rather than the push, pull, tug movement of a cannula. This breaks the fat up more evenly with less pain and less bruising.

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Advantages of Vaser Lipo

  • Removes only fat – It only removes the fatty tissue. It does not effect nerves or blood vessels. the fatty tissue is liquidfid and removed.
  • Minimal downtime – An experienced surgeon will be able to perform the procedure, with less pain and less bruising. Allowing the body to heal quickly.
  • Works all over the body – From legs to head, vaser liposuction can used on most areas of the body.

Finance Options Available

We've partnered with Simple Personal Loans to provide access to a number of lenders, depending on your credit rating.

There are many areas of the body Vaser Lipo can be used. Here are a few...


Upper Arms,
Thighs, Bra Pad,
Back, Buffalo Hump,
Waist, Hips,
Tummy, Buttocks,
Love Handles,
Venus Dimples,
Knees, Ankles,
Axillary Fold,
Banana Rolls,
Mons Pubis


Chin, Shoulders, Back,
Hips, Moobs
Love Handles,
Extraction of Gland

Is Vaser Liposuction right for you?

Is Vaser Liposuction right for you?

From Booking to Aftercare

Initial Assessment

Visit us for your free initial assessment. We will discuss your needs and expectations and work together to see how we can help you achieve your ambitions.


Your consultation with Dr. Vlok will be your chance to ask any face to face questions and to really understand in detail the work required and benefits it can bring.


You’ll visit us in out state of art surgery at the Nottingham Road Clinic for your treatment. You'll be looked after throughout with personal service.


We will see you regularly and keep in touch to make sure you are recovering as expected.

Success Stories

To Dr Vlok. Thank you for all for being so kind and making everything so easy.

Dr Vlok and his team are simply 1st class. I simply can’t fault them. Their attentiveness and scrutiny over my safety and comfort was simply outstanding.

If you are thinking about having it done, do it!! You will not regret it. It gives you a great amount of confidence and raises your self-esteem and health lifestyle.

Words cannot express how I am feeling right now. You have given me my mobility back, self-confidence, I’m pain-free! Life is no longer a struggle. I cannot stop smiling.

Make a Booking: call us on 0800 024 8667

Make a Booking: call us on
0800 804 4367

Book in for a free consultation with one of our trained staff to find out more about the procedure timescales, costs and whether its right for you. We understand this is a big step, so there in no hard sell or commitment at this stage.

Your free consultation is just that, and will help us assess your needs and explain to you what is possible and how it works. You will then be free to explore further, if you so wish.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Having treatment is a big decision so we often get asked the same questions as our patients start with the same concerns.

    About Doctor Vlok

    Dr Vlok qualified at the University of Pretoria, and is probably the busiest Vaser practitioner in the UK…

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    Dr vlok portrait
    How long have you been practicing?

    Since getting fully qualified at the University of Pretoria in 1978. Thats over 35 years of experience.

    What are your qualifications?

    I initially qualified with my MBChB (Baccalareus in Medicine and Surgery) followed by a Master’s degree in Family Medicine and subsequently the Diploma in Occupational Health and Medicine, all at the prestigious University of Pretoria.

    I have been registered as a General Practitioner in the United Kingdom since 2002 (GMC 6050945), and as a specialist in family medicine with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (MP 0213624).

    How long does vaser lipo take?

    Good question, but the short answer is: it depends. As you would expect work on 3 or 4 areas of the body can take a lot longer than just a simple double chin. Please take a look at the treatments you are interested in to get a better idea.

    What about non-surgical procedures?

    Liposuction is the gold standard for permanently removing fat. A single appointment gives immediate results which are more dramtic than the results you see from non-surgical procedures. This can also make it more cost-effective.

    How much does it cost?

    Again it depends on the work required. We don’t charge fixed amounts for work. We work out a bespoke quote for you based on your individual needs and requirements. That way you get the best service, for a great investment.